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Junior Rugby

JJRG Junior Rugby’s goal is enjoying sports through international exchange and rugby. Rugby is a sport that combines sumo, tag and football. Not only children up to elementary school and junior high school students, but parents are also welcome to participate. If you would like to participate, please contact us using the application form below.

  1. Organization name: JJRG Junior. It is a subordinate organization of Jakarta Japanese Rugby Gila (JJRG). JJRG is a Japanese rugby club with a history of more than 15 years since its founding, and it belongs to the Japan Association Athletic Club.


2. Staff

Leader: 4 to 6 JJRG members will provide coaching. Secretary: E-mail address:


3. Activity day and venue

Day: Every Saturday from 2-4pm.

Venue: GBK Softball Ground (


4. Transportation

As a general rule, participation with parents is required. Please contact the secretary in advance if you are unable to accompany as a guardian or cannot pick you up. We are not responsible for any accidents during transportation.


5. Membership fee.

There is no admission fee, but a monthly activity fee of Rp.300,000 (Rp.200,000 for the second and subsequent children) will be collected every 3 months. In addition, you will be required to pay the necessary expenses such as the uniform fee required for games etc.


6. Other Issues

We give priority to safety and give careful guidance. In the unlikely event that you get injured, we will do the minimum first aid, but since this club does not have insurance.